A loving community of Christ-followers glorifying God together by making disciples of all nations

A Bit About Bridge

  • Bridge Church is serious about the gospel. The word ‘gospel’ means good news. in fact we believe the news  that a holy God loves and forgives sinful, broken, messed up people like all of us isn’t just good news; it’s the very best news!  So we are serious about getting this message to every person.
  • Bridge Church believes in holy living . Believing in Jesus isn’t the sum-total of the christian life. We believe the Bible calls us not only to believe in Jesus in our thoughts, words, and deeds but to pursue holiness by living in a community, worshiping, and being about the gospel mission together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Click here find more information about our Core Beliefs.

Bridge Church at Perry is a Southern Baptist Church. This means that we are in voluntary financial cooperation with over 40,000 other Southern Baptist churches nationwide to advance the saving message of Jesus Christ here in North America and around the world through missions, theological education, public policy advocacy, disaster relief, and other means. Click here to learn more about our Denomination

A big problem facing our culture is the breakdown of the family. WE believe that God made individuals and families to be part of a larger spiritual family. The Bible calls this spiritual family the Church. God intends us to become more and more like Jesus both individually and collectively. If you are not part of a Bible-believing church family, consider coming and exploring bridge church in person.

Thanks again for stopping by! If you’re just beginning to explore Bridge Church our ‘A Bit About Bridge’ page is a great place to start!






“A cooperating church of the Southern Baptist Convention”

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